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We are dedicated to helping businesses grow by designing, detailing and  manufacturing systems and components.

Dedicated to helping commercial business grow


Everything from schools to manufacturing facilities

Our versatile construction system and seasoned network of builders will get you into a beautiful new space quickly and smoothly.

Commercial Solutions

The right combination of functionality and style is crucial to the success of any retail or office space. We specialize in creating commercial buildings that give you the space, look and longevity your business needs to grow.

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Warehouse & Garage Solutions

Looking to build a new storage space, garage or repair shop? Our steel buildings are ideal for creating expansive, column-free floor areas to give you the workspace you need, along with unmatched durability and protection from the elements.

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Industrial Solutions

Our industrial solutions include manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re expanding your operation or launching a new one, our exclusive network of builders will craft the perfect structure for your needs.

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Community & Municipal Solutions

We build spaces that enrich your community, from public and private schools and religious centers to recreational facilities and municipal buildings. Our versatile building system gives you ultimate design flexibility, so you can select the unique features that best fit your vision.

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Self-Storage Solutions

Get the space and quality construction you need at the right price point. Our extensive portfolio of proven self-storage solutions will give you the inspiration you need to get started.

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Our Building Solutions

The Package Steel Building System

The incredibly versatile Package Steel building system lends itself to a variety of architectural styles and applications, so you can achieve the exact look and functionality your business demands.

Our offerings go far beyond traditional box-type structures with metal panels, incorporating glass, masonry, concrete, and a wide selection of design features.


The Package Steel Building System

The Package Steel Building System
Gable/Rake Overhang Ridge Cap Snow Grit™ Door Trims Rigid Frame Clear Span Rigid Beam Multi-Span Rigid Beam Multi-Span Expandable Frame Outside Corner Trim Pass Doors Lean-to Frame Base Angle Base Channel Wall Lite Panels Eave/Gable Trim Post and Beam End walls Lean To End Wall Frame Roof Purlins Wall Girts Bar joists Wind Columns Wind Columns Cross Bracing End Wall Column Eave Strut

Gable/Rake Overhang

Extension of roof beyond wall lines at the gable ends

Ridge Cap

Flashing over peak of panels at ridge of building

Snow Grit™

Door Trims

Jamb and header wrap trims along with panel edge trims

Rigid Frame Clear Span

Structural frames spanning width of building with no interior columns

Rigid Beam Multi-Span

Structural frames with one interior columns

Rigid Beam Multi-Span

Structural frames with two or more interior columns

Expandable Frame

End wall frame with ability to add future expansion

Outside Corner Trim

Corner flash covers and seals ends of wall panels. Provides a decorative finish while sealing the wall panels

Pass Doors

Exterior doors provide entry and exit. Available in numerous options and hardware

Lean-to Frame

Structural frame with one slope and depends on another structure for partial support on one side

Base Angle

Cold rolled angle secured to foundation. Used to secure base of exterior wall panels

Base Channel

Cold rolled channel secured to a wall or foundation. Used to secure base of exterior or interior wall panels

Wall Lite Panels

Translucent fiberglass wall panels which admit natural light into the building

Eave/Gable Trim

Roll formed profiled trims to flash and seal intersection of roof and walls

Post and Beam End walls

Consist of hot rolled columns and rafters with secondary framing (girts) to support exterior wall sheeting

Lean To End Wall Frame

Roof Purlins

Roof framing zees or cees running horizontally to support roof sheeting and snow loads

Wall Girts

Wall framing zees or cees running horizontally to support wall sheeting between columns

Bar joists

Simple span open web roof framing designed to span frame line to frame line. Generally used in bays longer than 30′ or Floor systems

Wind Columns

Vertical columns designed to pickup wall framing (girts) and sheeting where frame columns are not required

Wind Columns

Vertical columns designed to pickup wall framing (girts) and sheeting where frame columns are not required-1

Cross Bracing

Rods, angles, or cables used in the plane of the roof and walls to transfer loads such as wind, seismic, and crane reactions to the foundation

End Wall Column

Vertical load bearing column which transfers roof load to foundation

Eave Strut

Sturdy Primary

Our hard-working Rigid Frame and Rigid Beam systems provide a sturdy, lasting framework for your building, ensuring decades of life and reliability.


Package Steel primary frames are reinforced with roll-formed Cees and Zees for a secure fit and additional, weight-bearing support.


Design a flawless exterior with Jamb Flashing, Facia Gutters and other trim options that both look great and help protect your investment.

Roof and Wall

Leak-proof, insect-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, our roof and wall solutions can stand up to just about every kind of environmental attack.

Specially designed for tough Northeastern winters, our building features include the Snow Girt, which protects against the tremendous force snow can exert on building walls.

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The Package Steel Process

Raising a new structure for your growing bussines is a complex endeavor and our team is in it with you for the duration. We are comitted to providing the kind of outstanfing customer service.

From planning your building to delivering your keys

We believe the building process should be just as impressive as the product. Raising a new structure for your growing business is a complex endeavor, and our team is in it with you for the duration.

From the initial planning stages to turning over the keys, we are committed to providing the kind of outstanding customer service you would expect from a long-established New England company.

Our Specialities

The Package Steel Commitment

Our client-centered approach boasts highs standards for both speed and accuracy.

We begin by carefully evaluating your needs and finding the right construction partner from our extensive network of builders. Once your project is underway, our team works hard to deliver the best possible product with an efficient, well-managed process that respects both your time and budget.

With time cycles up to a third faster than those of conventional building construction, our steel building process ensures faster occupancy while delivering a durable, high-quality product.

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