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Schools, Religious Centers, Public Buildings & Other Community Spaces

So what does ‘Local’ mean for you?

Local means a faster turnaround time. Local means advanced solutions for East Coast climates. Local means person-to-person service, lower costs, and a shared commitment to the Northeast community..


Leading environments that give you the best value for your budget

Religious Centers

Creative solutions for community gathering places.

Recreational Facilities

Athletic and community centers built to stand the test of time.



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Our Building Systems

The Package Steel Building System is the ultimate toolbox for customizing community spaces, from a new school to your local Department of Public Works. Our Rigid Frame ClearSpan (RFC) is ideal for large expanses such as auditoriums and gymnasiums, while options like Tapered Beam Clear Span (TBC) can be used to create smaller, more intimate spaces–allowing you to meet diverse community needs in a single structure.

Learn More

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How our building process works

Anything But Cookie-Cutter.

Constructing a new building is a big investment and often a once-in-a-lifetime event. Our meticulous, proven approach ensures your project gets all the time and attention it deserves:

  • The process begins with a careful evaluation of your needs 
  • We match you with the right local builder and develop a comprehensive scope of work 
  • Our builder produces a design proposal in conjunction with Package Steel’s engineering and estimating teams
  • Final design and fabrication are undertaken by the in-house engineering and detailing teams at our Sutton, MA facility 
  • Once manufacturing is complete, your building is delivered to the prepped site complete and ready to assemble
  • You break ground on our new future


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The best building solution is also the closest to home

Meet Northeast Challenges with a Northeast Builder