How Easy Is a Metal Building Add-On?

Metal building add-ons are an efficient way to expand your space without breaking the bank. From commercial stores, storage facilities, warehouses and garages, and community and municipal buildings, metal expansions are a great solution to the need for additional space. 

Metal additions are as convenient as they are durable, as they allow you to remain in your current location with additional space. They. They are built to last a lifetime and withstand all weather conditions. They are also three times faster than conventional building construction and are incredibly cost-effective and easy to expand upon should your business require additional growth in the future.

Can You Add onto a Metal Building?

If you’ve already got a metal expansion, you know how convenient, budget-friendly, and durable they are. Almost any steel building can be expanded upon to create added space for additional business, storage, or living needs. 

There are many ways to expand upon your current structure, making it both easy and economical to expand a steel building.

What to Know Before You Expand Your Steel Building

There are several factors to consider before expanding your current steel building. Fortunately, many of the things you need to consider before deciding to implement the expansion process are things you had to consider when you first chose to add a steel building to your current space.  Location, local considerations, and land all play into what is possible for your expansion project.


Ensuring that your current location is right for your needs is the first thing to consider before deciding to expand. Remaining in the same location means that you can retain the same customer base, and you will save yourself the hassle and business disruption that comes along with moving to a new building.

Local Considerations

When you first decide to expand, there are permits needed to comply with local regulations for all additions. The process is the same as it was with your first addition, and you’ll need to make sure it complies with all HOA and city regulations before you start on your new project.


Does the land you have fit the amount needed to fulfill your new project? Are you still satisfied with your space in terms of location, neighborhood, and amenities? If so, a metal addition is likely the perfect option.

If your location, local requirements, and land needs have all been met, then we can move on to the possibilities for expanding your space.  

How to Expand Your Metal Building

There are various ways to expand your current add-on based on your wants and needs. Would you like to increase the width, length, or height of your current structure? All are quite doable, but the process is a bit different for each. 

Add Width

Adding width to your current structure is an incredibly cost-effective way to increase your space. If your current building’s roof line is high, then you can go wider and have the option to add lean-tos attached to one or both sides, and you can also add more bays. A lean-to will extend your roofline on the sides with a new frame attached to your original frame.

With this, your original walls can stay, or if you’d like to open the bay, the walls can be removed and replaced with doors to keep the space more open.  

Add Length

Adding length is another way to expand. The process is slightly different. If your current construction is post and beam style, you won’t be able to directly attach to the original frame, and you’ll have to start with a new end wall replaced right next to the end wall of your current building. Another option is to have the new addition’s secondary frame attached to the original primary frame, and with this, you can make your building as long as needed and add extra bays to the back as far as you have the foundation.

Add Height

Dreaming of the Empire State Building? Adding height is a bit more tricky as it requires specific framing techniques, and you may need to build a new frame in the foundation of the old walls for this project. Some support beams may also need to be removed before bays and end walls can be added. 


If you’re looking to grow your space to support your growing business, building a metal addition is cost-effective and quick to erect, and the process has never been easier and more efficient than ever with Package Steel System. With the highest quality steel in the business and the most knowledgeable and dedicated team, we can help you transform your space into exactly what your business needs. The versatility of the Package Steel system means we can achieve the exact look and functionality needs you require. 

Call Package Steel Systems today to get started on your next project and see why we are Massachusetts’s premier option for all steel building solutions.