How Long Does it Take to Build a Metal Building?

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Metal buildings generally take less time to construct compared to wood or concrete buildings, but just how long does it actually take? Well, that depends on a variety of factors. No one timeframe can account for all metal buildings. This is especially true when you consider the sheer variety of metal buildings available.

In this post, we will be taking you through many of these variables and explaining why they hold such significance. Knowing what to expect from the building process before starting a project can help you manage expectations, so let’s jump in!

Variables That Could Affect Construction

Any of the following could extend the construction of a metal building. These are just a few examples of many, but they are important to bear in mind before embarking on a new project.


Simpler structures are easier to build, obviously. Their framing follows a similar format, meaning construction workers know the process from the beginning. More complex designs naturally take more time.

This is especially true if the metal building in question is highly customized with unique features and materials. Sourcing these alone will take more time, and that’s before considering project length.


This essentially goes without saying, but we will mention it. The larger the metal building, the longer the construction process will take. In addition to the amount of land a building takes up, the height must also be considered.

For instance, a warehouse will take much less time to build than a skyscraper. This is simply because building multiple floors is far more time-consuming than merely building what is, effectively, one large floor. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is still worth bearing in mind before estimating a project timeline.


This is similar to the potential delay caused by the building’s complexity. The design period of any construction process requires attention to detail and adequate pacing. If the artists aren’t given sufficient time, this can lead to the necessary steps being rushed.

Engineering sketches require acute attention to detail. This can add to your overall project length, but it is always better to do things properly rather than cut corners. It will only come back to haunt you in the long term.


Once sketches have been drawn up and all the engineering boxes have been checked, it is time to work on the production. This primarily refers to acquiring all the necessary materials in the required amounts. It can prove to be a time-consuming endeavor, depending on what you need.

For instance, standard materials that are consistently in stock should not pose a problem. However, if you or your client require specialized materials for a project, it can take much longer to get everything together. This is especially true if the materials are custom-made.

Construction Worker Experience

A team is only as good as their experience, with plenty of trial-and-error under their belts. If your construction team is brand-new, you can expect the job to take longer than if you had a team of industry veterans.

This shouldn’t deter you from using lesser-experienced teams if they have the required credentials, but it should be considered. Like with any skill, metal building construction possesses its own learning curve. An experienced metal-building construction team will always complete the job quicker than a more generalized construction company.

Number of Workers

We have all heard the phrase ‘many hands make light work,’ and it holds true for metal building construction. The more workers you have on-site, the quicker your project should reach completion. This, of course, relies on efficient communication between all project managers and builders alike.


As any builder will tell you, the weather is one of the most significant factors in any construction project. Intense heat can cause exhaustion and dehydration, and frequent storms can damage framing and materials. It isn’t possible to know exactly what the weather will do on any given day, but you should still pay attention to the forecast before any project.


Effective communication between all parties involved is key. Countless delays occur throughout the world of construction and beyond, all because Team A can’t contact Team B appropriately. Keeping communication lines clear and open throughout the process should cut down the project length significantly.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Metal Buildings?

As is the case with the construction of these buildings, delivery is highly variable. However, once the project is complete, you should expect delivery anywhere between 12-20 weeks. The construction company you choose to work with should provide you with a more precise date closer to the time. Regardless, the delivery of metal buildings is significantly faster than traditional architecture.


If you have any questions about the construction of metal buildings, contact Package Steel Systems today! Our experts would be happy to answer your queries and provide advice on how to proceed with your project.