Our Building System

Our building system is built from the foundation up with quality products that are
designed, detailed and fabricated at our facility in Sutton, MA.


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1. Roof Lite Panels 7. Rigid Beam C-1 Frame 13. Lean-to Frame 19. Roll-formed Purlins & Girts for up
to 30′ Bays
2. Ridge Cap 8. Rigid Beam C-2 Frame 14. Lean-to End Wall Frame 20. Bar Joist for greater than 30′ Bays
3. 1′ – 6′ Overhangs at Eave and /or Gable 9. Rigid Frame C-3 Frame
15. Base Angle 21. Wall Wind Columns
4. Snow Grit™ 10. Rigid Frame Clear Span 16. Side Wall Lite Panels 22. Cross Bracing
5. Standard Fully Covered Jamb Trim 11. Deep Profile Outside Corner Trim 17. Deep Profile Rolled Fascia Trim at
Eave and Gable (standard)
6. Cold-formed Eave Strut 12. Pass Doors 18. End Wall