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Steel Building Foundation Tips

Steel Building Foundation Tips   Metal building structures are becoming more desired. Builders know that creating a foundation for steel buildings must be designed based on many aspects, including geographic location. The first part of any metal building project includes laying the foundation, which sets the pace for all steps
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Solar Solutions For Metal Buildings

Solar Solutions For Metal Buildings Solar energy is a hot topic these days and can help all of us. Metal buildings and metal roofs are beautiful and long-lasting platforms for solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity-producing systems. Builders know that steel is the superior choice for all types of structural building designs
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How Long Does it Take to Build a Metal Building?

Need to know how long it takes to construct a metal building? Click here for everything you need to know, including info on the most common delays! Metal buildings generally take less time to construct compared to wood or concrete buildings, but just how long does it actually take? Well,
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How Easy Is a Metal Building Add-On?

Metal building add-ons are an efficient way to expand your space without breaking the bank. From commercial stores, storage facilities, warehouses and garages, and community and municipal buildings, metal expansions are a great solution to the need for additional space.  Metal additions are as convenient as they are durable, as

How to Insulate a Metal Building

The importance of effective insulation in a metal building can’t really be understated. The amount of heat a metal building can absorb is perhaps it’s only downside, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. With the right insulation, you can enjoy all the benefits of durability and longevity

Why Metal Buildings Are More Energy Efficient

Steel is durable, long-lasting, entirely recyclable, and makes for great insulation. It can also be modified easily, paving the way for even greener infrastructure.  Not only is the structure itself energy efficient, but metal buildings also require minimal maintenance intervention, meaning a reduced carbon footprint due to construction. Want to
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