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What is IAS Certified?
IAS AC472 Accredited Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems.

1. Why require an accredited manufacturer?
IAS is a subsidiary of the International Code Council. Requiring an IAS manufacturer provides an extra level of assurance that the building supplier’s engineering/order/design/ fabrication processes all conform to very high standards and are evaluated by a respected independent third party.

Some other advantages are that it can expedite the building approval process, include: building officials can deem AC472-accredited manufacturers as approved fabricators as defined in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code; elimination of additional inspections; cost savings to verify code compliance of metal building fabrication; and assurance the metal building manufacturer’s staff has a well-qualified management system in place.

2. Did the IAS AC472 Accreditation Program replace the AISC-MB certification?
Yes, the IAS replaced the AISC-MB certification in 2009. The AISC and MBMA jointly decided to end AISC’s sponsorship of the Metal Building Certification Program. MBMA and IAS collaborated to develop the metal building accreditation program. The IAS program was developed through open public hearing process under code officials that comprise the IAS Accreditation Committee. The effort culminated in unanimous approval of AC472 on April 8, 2008.

3. How often are the fabricators assessed under AC472?
We are evaluated annually by IAS in addition through two unannounced on-site inspections of the firm’s design and manufacturing facilities to confirm that the appropriate standards are in place and being applied. This assures building officials that we are continually implementing comprehensive quality assurance processes in place that provide high-quality, reliable buildings that are built to code.


The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) serves as the voice of the metal building systems industry, providing leadership, research, and education to increase the prominence and usage of metal building systems. MBMA plays a lead role in research and engineering, and influences codes and standards. www.mbma.com



IAS FbrMetal Building System Documents

Accreditation of Fabricators: The Bridge between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
by Sandi McCracken
(Article first appeared in the April 2006 issue of Building Safety Journal, copyright 2006)

IAS Fabricator Accreditation Ensures Quality and Compliance
This article originally appeared in the August 2005 edition of Building Safety Journal, copyright 2005

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