Why Package?

Lower Initial Costs

Unlike conventional buildings, Package Steel Buildings are engineered and manufactured prior to their construction. This guarantees the most efficient erection process possible, which can lead to a savings of up to 30% over other construction methods.

Greater Design Flexibility

Today’s Pre Engineered-Steel Buildings go far beyond traditional ‘box’ type steel buildings with metal panels. Architectural designs for steel buildings can incorporate glass, masonry, concrete, and many other types of exteriors.

Ensure Faster Occupancyplasma2

When it comes to construction, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are the fastest, strongest, and most efficient way to erect a building or an addition. In fact, construction time cycles for steel buildings are up to a third faster than those associated with conventional building construction, which assures faster occupancy.

Virtually Maintenance Free

The components utilized in steel building construction are not affected by moisture or insect damage. They will not warp, crack, or require regular maintenance. The high-performance finish coatings on today’s metal wall and roofing systems offer years of virtually maintenance-free exteriors.

Built in the Northeast for the Northeast

From Northern Maine to Southern Pennsylvania, our steel buildings will outlast any longevity expectations you have. For example, ground snow can exert tremendous force against the base of your wall; therefore, we provide a Snow Girt™ at a nominal 3′ above the finished floor to help prevent the snow from doing any damage. Our buildings are engineered to weather the storm, even under the harshest conditions of the Northeast.

avengerplusFaster Erection

A fast, predictable building erection means quicker occupancy for your business. We’re proud to offer the Package Steel Building System. It’s the simplest, best fitting and easiest to erect building system on the market. That’s because our buildings are engineered to use fewer parts for greater strength. We always take the time to logically pack and ship our building components based upon what our Dealer needs to construct your building in the most efficient manner.


Enduring Quality

All buildings look great when they are first constructed, but the true test of quality is how they will weather the decades. At Package, our wall finishes carry a full 30 year warranty. When you buy a Package Steel Building every single component is made from the best parts, materials and finishes available. We’re a small manufacturer but offering the best doesn’t affect our bottom line profits so it doesn’t affect your bottom line cost. In business many variables are unpredictable so it’s nice to know you can count on the quality of a Package Building.